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Statistics. Average penis, orgasm percentage, sex length?

What is average penis size?
Average size of an erect penis is 5-6 inches or 13-15 cm.

What is the average success rate of orgasm for men/women in the intercourse?
On average men reach orgasm 90% of the time and women 30% of the time.

How often do men/women masturbate?
Approximately 70% of men under 30 masturbate on average once a week, roughly 30% masturbate every other day, and 5% masturbate twice a day. Approximately 20% of women under 30 masturbate on average once a week, and roughly 7% masturbate every other day.

At what age do women/men start to masturbate?
Men start to masturbate on average at 13-14 years of age and women start to masturbate on average at 14-15 years of age.

How popular is safe sex?
Around 60% of people report to practice safe sex practically always or without exception. Around 10% of people never practice safe sex.

What age is first time sexual intercourse?
Men on average have sexual intercourse for the first time at the age of 17-18.
Around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 14 or younger, and around 10% have their first sexual intercourse at the age of 22 or older. Women on average have their first sexual intercourse at the age of 16-17. Around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 13 or younger, and around 10% have sex for the first time at the age of 20 or older.

What age is first time oral sex?
Time lapse between the first time sexual intercourse and the first time oral sex is usually very short, so you can check out the answer about the first time sexual intercourse.

What are favorite sexual positions?
Favorite sexual positions among men are rear entry (40%),
woman-on-top (29%),
missionary (man-on-top) (18%),
while all other positions (standing, sitting, side-by-side and exotic) are relatively unpopular (less than 3% each).
Favorite sexual positions among women are missionary (30%),
rear-entry (27%),
woman-on-top (21%)
sitting (6%).

What are the least preferred sexual positions?
Side-by-side positions (30%) and standing positions (28%) are the least preferred positions by men. The least preferred positions by women are standing (31%), rear entry (19%) and side-by-side (15%).

How often couples have sex?
People on average have sex once every 4-5 days. Approximately 12% have sex at least once a day, while 11% have sex less often than every 6 months.


What lubricant to use if she gets dry and sore?

There are two types of lubricants most commonly used by couples: water-based and oil-based. Oil-based destroy latex condoms, water-based don't. If you look from pure pleasure and pain reduction perspective, and if you do not use condoms, oil-based lubricants tend to work better than water-based, because as we all know anything to do with oil lubricates much better than anything to do with water. Oil-based lubricants stick and stay much longer around the walls, and don't wear out as quickly.

However, the ongoing spread of STDs and AIDS puts water-based lubricants as our favorites for safer sex play. Amount of choice is quite wide. Most water-based lubricants seem to have the same ingredients - water and glycerin, mostly - and are priced more or less in the same range. Here are the test results of the most common brands to find out the differences.


Following is a list of lubes that were sampled, as well as the final evaluation of their merit. All lubes that were tested contained no nonoxynol-9 (a detergent/spermicide that kills HIV in test tubes) because it tends to irritate the skin.

I-D has an average price and a medium consistency. It stays wet for a long time and re-wets well with spit or water. It doesn't get tacky and is non-irritating. All lubes claim to be "odorless" and "tasteless" even though they usually have a mild aroma reminiscent of Play-Doh. I-D is probably the least offensive taste- and smell-wise. I-D works well for a variety of play. Overall Rating: Excellent

Body Wise Liquid Silk is imported from the UK and has no list of ingredients. The distribution in the US is limited, but it's available through the good people at Good Vibrations. Liquid Silk is incredible! It feels very silky, stays slick for a long time and re-wets very well. Highly recommended! Overall Rating: Excellent

Astroglide falls between Wet and Probe in terms of consistency, on the thin, watery end of the scale. My main complaint about Astroglide is it's price -- in some stores this lube can cost twice as much as other brands! Astroglide stays wet for a long time and re-wets better than any other lube. Save yourself some money, though, and look into other brands. Overall Rating: Excellent, but expensive.

Wet is medium priced and economical despite their widespread advertising. Wet does stay wet, primarily because it has a thin consistency due to the high water/glycerin ratio. I'd recommend Wet over other lubes for anal play as it stays slick the longest and re-wets very well. Overall Rating: Very good.

K-Y Jelly is one of the most recognised water-based lubricants. Some women swear by K-Y for vaginal lubrication, but our test puts it only as average. K-Y is thick and dry and therefore provides somewhat inferior lubrication. K-Y gets tacky and gummy quickly and cannot be re-wet. K-Y has problems in terms of providing proper lubrication for latex. Overall Rating: Average.

Aqua Lube is brought to you by the people who bring you Kimono condoms. Price-wise, it's probably the cheapest on the market. It stays slick for a very long time and has a thick consistency which can feel really incredible. While Aqua Lube doesn't tend to get gummy, it can be difficult to re-wet once it does dry out. Overall Rating: Average.

Probe had the thinnest consistency of all the lubes in our sample and dried up the most quickly as well. Probe contains grapefruit seed extract, which gives it a pleasant taste if you're going down on someone who's used it. This popular brand is moderately priced but dries much too quickly to be a good lube value. Overall Rating: Below average.

Corn Husker's Lotion has basically the same ingredients as most lubes, but the SD alcohol 40 in the lotion gives it a cool feeling. Unfortunately, Corn Husker's Lotion is absorbed into the skin very quickly and it gets gummy with repeated movement. A great moisturizer, but not a great lube, despite the cheap price. Overall Rating: Poor.

Embrace is so thick it barely comes out of the bottle. It dries quickly and gets gummy, not allowing to be re-wet. This product also comes in a nasty strawberry scent that should be avoided. Embrace is very inexpensive, but is not a great lube value. Overall Rating: Very poor


She won't orgasm.

Women usually don't reach orgasm if they are not sufficiently aroused before the intercoure and if their clitoris does not receive enough attention. Women have to be aroused, because otherwise penetration becomes rather painful for them, and pain takes over the positive sexual feelings. Clitoris has to be stimulated, because it is normally the source of woman's orgasm.

Women can be aroused by watching a porn video together, talking about sex, telling sex stories, dirty jokes. She has to be thinking about sex before sex for best results.

Clitoris (the upper part of her pussy where the inner lips meet) can be best stimulated with oral sex, licking all around that area, and making circular motions with your tongue and lips, aiding the stimulation with your hand from time to time. It helps if two fingers are inserted and kept in the vagina at the same time.

If you want to stimulate clitoris in the straight sex, you have to choose the position where your belly rubs around her under belly (where the clitoral area is), or a position when you can stimulate that area with your hand. Such positions are an elevated missionary postion (man-on-top) with a pillow under her bottom. Alternatively, you can put her on her back on the table, while standing yourself near the edge of the table, slightly bending over her to rub her clitoral area with your underbelly, while not laying your whole bodyweight on her as in missionary position, thus allowing her more relaxation and less distraction.


He comes too fast.

Quite many men at some point of their sex lives have to go through the quite humiliating experience of too fast ejaculation, which also completely disrupts her chances to climax in the intercourse. Here are some good remedies that will make him last longer:

* Starting the intercourse with a woman-on-top position is one of the the best ways that help many men last longer, because she controls the rhythm and he cannot speed up the penetration tempo, which typically leads to quick ejaculation. Furthermore the woman-on-top position is somewhat uncomfortable for him, because he has to carry the weight of the woman, which distracts his attention from orgasm and helps to last longer.
* The more often he will have sex, the longer will he last. He will always be able to last much longer the second time you have sex in a short while. Even if he cums very early the first time, it may not be his real orgasm, just the ejaculation, and he is very likely to be ready for much more action in just 15-30 minutes.
* Another advice is that he should learn to strain his bottom muscles, which help to control ejaculation. Just try to hold it sometimes when you pee to see how it works.
* Oral stimulation before the actual sex also helps to make him last longer.
* Finally, after intial stage of men's sex life, most men learn to and partly due to aging reasons do not finish that fast.


How to really turn my partner on?

As wrongly as it sounds, watching the porn video remains one of the best ways to arouse yourself and your partner. It easily beats all sort of kissing and hugging in terms of achieving sexual arousal.

If you feel stuck with your partner in the routine, the best way out is to break the routine. Change the place you have sex, change the starting position, go somewhere, change the way you eat in the evening, have sex in the morning.


His penis is small.

Both partners in the couple should understand that women usually don't orgasm from penetration, but from proper stimulation of her clitoral area in the intercourse. He should make sure in the intercourse that his belly rubs against the area below her belly or the upper part of the pussy in the intercourse.

Positions that allow proper rubbing are putting her on her back on the table and penetrating while standing near the edge of the table. Standard missionary man-on-top position may work quite well, if you put one or two pillows below her bottom, which allows deeper penetration and more rubbing. If you do doggy style penetrating from behind, he may choose to give proper attention to her clitoral area reaching around her leg by his hand.


How much does penis size matter?

Penis size matters, why else there would be so much talk about it. If you do not change partners often the woman and her openings grow used to the penis size of her partner. If you switch partners, you feel the difference.

If his penis is big, it will naturally hurt her vagina quite a lot if she is not used to having regular sex before. If the penis is small it will be much less painful and more pleasurable for an inexperienced woman to have sex with a man.

Men generally think their penis is smaller than it actually is, because of the differences of perspectives when a man looks at his own penis and when looking at others. Look at your penis in the mirror for a better gauge of its relative size. Secondly, it is a fact, that smaller penis have bigger capacity to get large, as for example old guys tend to have relatively bigger penis when not aroused, but they do not get any much bigger when hard.

The bright side of a relatively smaller penis is that she will find anal sex with such a man much less painful, which is a big advantage for a man.


He loses his erection.

Couples quite often report that men tend to lose erection when going into foreplay playing with a woman's body. The most easiest way out of it is to take his penis in mouth and stimulate a little bit once the woman is aroused and ready for the intercourse.

The most common causes of losing erection is very frequent sex and general tireness. Have a sleep and rest up before sex and look out for pauses in your sex life, if losing erection becomes a serious problem.


What are the best sex positions?

Best straight sex positions for her

* Missionary position, with a pillow under her bottocks. The man should support his weight by kneels and hands, so that his body does not put very much pressure on her body. The man should thrust and at the same move his thighs diagonally slightly rubbing her vulva and clitoris with his belly. This position is much more superior to standard missionary position because his penis stimulates her pussy in a different more unusual angle and the rubbing stimulates the clitoris. At the same time the woman is not burdened by his body weight which allows her to concentrate on the orgasm not other dominating signals of her body.
* Woman should lie on the table on her back and he should penetrate her standing at the edge of the table and keeping her legs upwards supprting them by his shoulders or hands. This position is very good, because it allows the man easily to stimulate her clitoris while thrusting. At the same time it is very comfortable position for the woman, and she can be very relaxed.
* Woman should lie on the table on her side and the man should stand near the edge of the table and finger her anus (ass) while thrusting. Many women tend to enjoy it very much when both of their holes are penetrated at the same time. Try it also out in other positions where convenient.
* Doggie style, but important thing here is to reach with your hand around her body and stimulate her clitoris while thrusting. Without such stimulation, many women experience difficulties reaching orgasm, because thrusting penis alone does not provide enough stimulation. Otherwise many women like doggie style very much because it is very comfortable, just be sure she can rest her knees and elbows on something soft.
* She will enjoy very much a position, where she sits in his lap wrapping her legs around him and both partners facing each other. Movements in this position will resemble rather rubbing than thrusting, because his movements are very limited in this position. But she will enjoy such a position very much and might reach orgasm (usually a soft one) very easily, while he is hardly likely to reach orgasm in this position.

Best straight sex positions for him

* Classic doggie style is one of the most enjoyed positions for men, because it is easy to move and it approves their dominance and men can "fuck" instead of "making love". At the same time woman's beautiful pussy and ass are staring upwards right before the eyes of the man, which is very erotic and inviting.
* Rear-entry standing position with her being slightly bent over is one the absolute favourites of most men. Men like this position, because of its aggressiveness and sheer sexuality.
* Putting a woman on the table is also men's favourite. Variations are possible, mainly with the position of legs, which men can control very easily. Woman on the table position is both very comfortable and the woman's body is highly visible, which makes it among the favourites.
* Man-on-top position with her legs streched upwards. This position allows for very deep penetration and is also the woman's beautiful body is well exposed.
* For some men woman-on-top is the absolute favourite, because they are so lazy. But apart from this group of men, most of others like to control the rhythm themselves.

Best anal sex positions for her

* In my opinion, the absolutely best anal sex position for her is to lie on her back on the table, while the man stands near the edge of the table and penetrates her. Legs can be spread and raised slightly upwards, and the man can support them. It is by far the most comfortable anal sex position for a woman, that I am aware of.

* Other best anal sex positions for her are the ones in which she can feel comfortably and have some control over the depth of penetration. A woman on top is actually a very good position for her. Secondly she should try to direct the penis in the angle towards her pussy, because in such way her wall of vagina is being stimulated making anal sex much more pleasurable.

Best anal sex positions for him

* His favourite anal sex positions would be the ones in which he can achieve full deep penetration. Doggy style from behind and over is one of the best positions in this regard.


Partner wrongly responds to how you like being stimulated.

Talk to your partner. Command him/her. It's advisable to guide your partner and say "I like it when you do it like this" instead of mere "Don't do like this". Women usually have much greater need for foreplay, and men tend to overlook details or ignore it alltogether. People do learn a lot in sex from and about each other. Women with regular partners, with whom they feel much more comfortable to express their wishes and dislikes, tend to have much higher degree of satisfaction and orgasm percentage in the intercourse.

Young couples again and again report that their sex lives improve dramatically with time if partners have regular sex (at least twice a week). If the sex life is not regular, chances of improving quality are very little.