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Sex Position Guide: Right Angle Sex

Sex Position Guide: Right Angle Sex

So maybe you weren't so good at geometry, but you're going to love these right angle sex positions - in fact, I'd be willing to bet you've already done some without even realizing it. Think about it - a right angle is an angle that is 90-degrees, straight up like the corner of a square or a rectangle. Use your imagination and just think about how many ways you can fit your bodies together into a physical right angle!
The "right angle" position is technically a variation on the traditional missionary sex positions - which we have covered in earlier postings - and the knees on chest sex positions. In the right angle sex position, your partner should lie flat on her back with one leg still on the bed and the other leg raised up in the air. You - the "penetrating partner" - should kneel between the thighs of your partner, straddling the leg that is lying flat on the bed. You can give your partner some extra support by holding the leg that is up in the air - or even by propping it up against your chest or shoulder. This position gives a right angle to your partner's leg, which is what gives this position its name.
Of course there are also variations to the basic right angle sex position - and we love variations! Here are some ideas to try:
* Try moving around to change the feel - and depth - of your penetration by moving your partner's leg, allowing her knee to bend or by straightening it further.
* See if your partner can handle having both of her legs up in the air - she can rest her legs over your shoulders or, keeping her legs straight up in the air, can lean her thighs up against your chest.
* Try adjusting your position to increase penetration or allow for more control. Have your partner face the edge of the bed and penetrate her from a standing position. Use pillows or a sex wedge, if available, for comfort.
Of course with any position there are pros and cons - once you've tried it you will see for yourself - but the good thing is that you aren't married with just one position, and sometimes exploring the variations can help you find something new and unique that will please you both.
The Pros:
* Increases potential for deeper penetration
* Hands and arms free for touching each other
* Face to face position for greater intimacy
* Very "visual" - you can see each other's bodies and "explore" throughout penetration
The Cons:
* The partner on the bottom has less control - all of the movement must come from the penetrating partner
* Requires good leg flexibility for the woman - and of course, good knees and stamina for the penetrating partner
* You may be putting a little too much weight on the leg of the partner on the bottom - this could be uncom comfortable for her
* While you are able to touch, grab and "play" with each others' bodies in this position, you are not physically close to each other - a drawback for some Kath Blackwell has over a dozen years of experience working as a writer, developer and consultant in various areas of the adult online industry and is currently working as a marketing consultant for amateurshowroom blog amateurshowroom blog, the first adult amateur community that showcases member-submitted photos and videos.

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