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Sex And The City Fashion In The Real Workplace

Sex And The City Fashion In The Real Workplace

Nearly a century ago, there was a ditty that went "In olden days, twas simply shocking / to get a glimpse / of a bit of stocking_" It was a lighthearted song aimed at the modernist changes in clothing, circa the turn of the 20th century. As the refrain went "anything goes_" Most modern fashions would probably have made the author of that song faint. Let's be fair here. Clothes are worn because they're flattering, and a lot of women (and especially teenage and college age women) conflate "flattering" with "sexy", and sometimes there are lines that need to be obeyed, such as when buying a wardrobe for work. We're not saying you can't look nice at work. We are saying that you should be considerate of others, and not try to paint yourself as being a sex object. Yes, it's fun to make the delivery guy stare, but it's less fun when your supervisor can't lift his eyes from your breasts to make eye contact. If you're looking for work attire, look for coupons that will help you get it, from companies that sell attire for working women; depending on the season, coupons can save you as much as 30 to 40% - and the outfits they apply to will help you avoid some of the following problems. Tops and Bust line If you look at your blouse in the morning and have second thoughts about the amount of cleavage showing, it's probably time to change something or accentuate. (There used to be a general rule of thumb that more than 2" of cleavage was too much. We regret it being observed more in the lurch than in practice). We recommend getting some single button sweaters you can put on in a hurry (again, they can be had cheap with coupons), or, if you want to feel more feminine, put on a lace camisole under the top. If nature and genetics endowed you amply enough that the girls get in the way, or make you feel a bit self-conscious, work on layering your clothing; it can still give you an attractive figure, without making you feel like you're on display. And no matter what the work place, even on casual Fridays, the spaghetti strap tank top is a bad idea. Bottoms and Skirts Skirts, shorts, and slacks are the basics of office attire, and if you're trying to look semi-formal, it's almost always going to be a skirt. With slacks, there's not much to be said _ don't wear them so tight that you're causing traffic accidents, or can't move, and please, for the sake of all that's sensible and fashionable, wear full cut jeans if you're wearing them at the office. Nothing looks quite as unappealing as a coworker who's "muffin topping" over the waistline of her pants. Skirts are another point. The basic rule of thumb is that if you'd wear it to church, you're OK. If you wouldn't wear it to church, it's going to take a bit of judgment. Stop short of the micro-miniskirt. Really. Anything below the knee is safe; anything that's much more than two inches above the knee is risky. Basic principle: If you can't sit without accidentally displaying more than you'd like, it's too short. If you can't bend over to pick something up without embarrassment, it's too tight. Right now, Lane Bryant has some excellent coupons for work-safe skirts that are flattering to women who have real hips. Shoes For some women, the siren call of high heels goes even to work. All we can say is "Ouch." Really, work is the place for shoes that are com comfortable. Strappy sandals, flats, maybe kitten pumps. If it's got more than 2" of heel, think about how much your feet are going to hurt by the end of the day. This is one place where common sense should overrule fashion sense.
Article by Rebecca Stevenson of Fashion for Normal Women, your top spot to find fashionfornormalwomen coupon-codes/lane-bryant-coupon-codescoupons for Lane Bryant and fashionfornormalwomen coupon-codes/fashion-bugcoupons for Fashion Bug to save when you shop.

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