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Sex Zombie

Sex Zombies Part 1

By Norm DePloom - Nov 24, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 2312 Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams Erotic sex story part 1 of 5 - If you don't like sex stories, don't read it. If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read it.If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, don't read it.If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it. All the characters and events in this story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Sex ZombiesPart 01 ByNorm DePloom Dan examined his ex-wife's face looking for some hint that the drug he had slipped into her coke was taking effect. The man who had supplied him with the vial of amber powder had told him that there would be no physical signs of its effects. Oh well, he thought as he got out of his chair and stood in front of Mattie, he said the only way to know for sure is to test it. "Suck my cock." He demanded as she looked up at him expectantly. "Why, " Mattie asked with a derisive chuckle as she set her empty glass on the end table and reached for Dan's belt buckle. "Do you think, " she continued as she unbuckled Dan's belt and unzipped his trousers. "I'd ever allow, " she added as she pulled Dan's rapidly hardening cock from his pants. "You to put your disgusting cock in my mouth again, " the last part was somewhat muffled by the hard cock Mattie was slipping into her mouth. The look of disbelief on Mattie's face was made humorous by having her lips stretched over Dan's invading cock. "Take off your blouse and bra." Dan ordered as his hips began gentle thrusts, fucking in counter stroke to Mattie's bobbing head as she moved her mouth up and down the familiar shaft. Mattie shook her head, and Dan recognized an attempted 'no' vibrating from the back of Mattie's cock filled mouth as her hands obediently unbuttoned and then removed first her blouse and then her bra. Mattie hung onto Dan's thighs with both hands while he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth with increasing vigor and pinched her nipples into crinkled erectness. As his orgasm arrived Dan pulled his cock from Mattie's slack mouth and, holding her head with two handfuls of hair, shot his cum onto her cheeks and forehead. "Do not wipe my cum off your face." Dan ordered before he released Mattie's head and collapsed into his chair, his rapidly softening cock still hanging from his open trousers. They both sat in stunned silence contemplating what had just transpired. "Well, " Mattie began, setting up and straightening her clothes in an attempt to regain some of her personal dignity, "I decided to go ahead and suck your cock because I felt sorry for you, and because, " Mattie was put off a bit when she looked over at her ex-husband and saw the superior smirk that she had always hated on his face, "and because, well because I thought it would be a 'hoot', " she finished lamely. "Take off the rest of your clothes." Dan said softly when Mattie finally ran down. He suppressed a laugh when he saw his ex-wife's shocked look. "If you think I'm going to sit here and allow myself to be ordered around, " Mattie began indignantly as she rose from her chair and, after taking a couple of steps toward the door, turned and removed her slacks and panties while she finished talking, "like some kind of servant, then you'd better think again." As her voice trailed off Mattie looked at the panties in her right hand and the slacks in her left hand as she realized that she was standing naked in front of the one person she never dreamed she'd be naked in front of ever again. "I, " Mattie's look of confusion changed to one of determination as she attempted, once again, to regain whatever remnants of her dignity she could salvage. "I thought you might enjoy one last look at what you are never going to see again..." "Make your nipples hard for me." Dan interrupted his ex-wife. " long as you live." Mattie finished weakly as she dropped her slacks and bra and began to pinch and caress her nipples. "No, I'm not going to play with my nipples for your perverse pleasure." Mattie's last sentence was terminated with a moan as she reacted to the self-stimulation of her nipples. God, Dan thought as he gently stroked his cock, while watching his exwife, his cum still drying on her cheeks, pinching her nipples into ever more obvious states of excitement, this stuff works better than I ever dared to think. "Come here, " Dan ordered his ex-wife as he pushed all the magazines and junk off the coffee table onto the floor, "and sit on the table facing me with one leg on each side." "I will not be ordered around like this." Mattie insisted, with far less conviction than before, while she sat on the table facing Dan with her legs spread wide, looking around the room frantically seeking some answer to her unexplainable behavior. Dan studied her body while he continued slowly stroking his cock. "I'm going to have to put you on an exercise program, " Dan observed, "you've gotten a little sloppy since the divorce." "How dare you, " Mattie started to huff. "Besides, " Dan interrupted, ignoring her, "you've got to be in top shape to be the kind of fuck machine I plan on making you into." Mattie stared at her exhusband with open mouth disbelief. "Stop playing with your nipples, " Dan said softly before she could respond, "and put your hands on your thighs." "What the hell is going on?" Mattie asked, a touch of panic detectable in her voice as she stopped pinching her nipples and placed her hands on her thighs as she had been instructed. "I'm leaving, " Mattie announced loudly, without moving, her voice on the edge of hysteria, "and you can't stop me." "No you're not, " Dan replied grinning at her in a way he knew she hated, "instead you're going to lay down and finger fuck yourself." "I will not you mother fucking son..." "Shut up!" Dan yelled at his ex- wife, turning her string of obscenity off like a switch, as she lay back on the table. Standing up, Dan placed each of her feet near the edge of the table and pushed her knees wide apart, opening her cunt to his view. "Now, " he instructed her, ignoring her trembling body, "open yourself with one hand, " Dan continued, setting back down in his chair, "and give yourself a really good finger fuck with the other." Dan sat back, cock in hand ready to watch the show. As her hands moved into the proscribed position, she screamed from deep in her throat. "Shut up, " Dan ordered again, standing up and slapping her face, "not a sound, no talking, no screaming, nothing." Dan sat back down in his chair. "Nothing but finger fucking, " Dan instructed leaning forward for a closer look at her cunt as she spread it open and pushed two fingers inside herself. "Yes, " Dan hissed as he knelt at the end of the table and, placing one hand on the inside of each of her thighs, pushed Mattie's legs further apart and pulled her cunt closer to the end of the table, "faster you nasty little slut, " Dan demanded as he forcefully kneaded her thighs just below where they joined her wide open crotch, "and deeper." Dan's now re-hardened cock stuck out of his pants like a missile ready to be launched when, unable to resist any longer he pulled Mattie toward him until her ass was half hanging off the table and, yelling at Mattie to get her hands out of the way, thrust his hips forward impaling her hot wet cunt on his eager cock. Mattie, having received no instructions about what to do with her hands, now that she was no longer using them to fuck herself, used them to support her knees, holding her legs up and apart while her ex-husband fucked her more thoroughly than she had been fucked in several years. "Cum!" Dan ordered, burying his cock com completely inside her, after fucking his ex-wife with an enthusiasm he had not felt since their high school days. Only the rancor and ill feelings of the divorce had kept her body from reacting to his efforts, until she received his order to cum. "Oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, " Mattie screamed when she heard the tension releasing command, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." Mattie chanted as her body immediately began to undulate with wave after wave of the most intense orgasmic feelings she had ever felt. Dan, holding her thighs in an iron grip, rode Mattie's bucking crotch for what seemed like an eternity for both of them until his own body spasmed in orgasmic ecstasy and he drained himself into her grasping cunt. "Stop cuming, " Dan gasped as he released Mattie's thighs and fell backward against his chair in total exhaustion, "stay in that position." Dan added as an after thought as he lay panting against his chair. "I'll be right back, " Dan said a few minutes later as he pushed himself off the floor and stood up, "don't move." He added as he walked from the room. Mattie continued to lay naked on the coffee table, her chest heaving from emotions and exertion, her legs, being held at the knees by her hands, were spread wide displaying her cum dripping cunt. Tears streamed down from her eyes soaking the hair at her temples and her body shook with silent, almost hysterical, sobs. She had just been forced in some mysterious, almost magical, way to fuck the one man she hated more than any other, and, as a result, had the best orgasm she could ever remember. To top it all off she was now on the verge of a crippling panic attack because the man doing this to her had just left the room. "I'm back." Dan announced cheerfully as he sauntered back into the room, his cock back inside his zipped up pants, and carrying a fresh can of coke and the small vial filled with an amber powder. The feeling of relief that swept over Mattie when her ex-husband walked back into the room almost felt like another orgasm. Dan sat in his chair and watched his cum drooling from his ex-wife's open cunt while he popped open the can of coke and sipped the cold bubbly liquid. "Sit up." Dan ordered as he set the coke down on the end table. Mattie sat up feeling the slick puddle of cum and pussy juice under her on the surface of the table. "I bet you are wondering why you are acting like a perfect sex slave, obeying every order I give you, no matter how much you try not to." Still under the command not to talk, Mattie nodded her head pleading with her eyes for some explanation to her insane behavior. "The answer is, " Dan continued, leaning forward and, wearing his best superior smirk, massaging Mattie's breasts as he talked, "you are my sex slave now." Mattie shook her head in denial as more tears ran down her cheeks. "See this powder?" Dan asked holding the vile up with one hand while the other moved down across Mattie's trembling stomach. "I've always been considered a brilliant chemist, " Dan grinned at Mattie as his hand moved down past her pubic hair to her wide-open drooling cunt, "even by other people, " re chuckled at his own little joke, "but the man who gave me this sample is nothing short of inspired." There was no mistaking the awe in Dan's voice as two of his fingers slipped into Mattie's unresisting cunt. "He didn't give me enough to analyze it, but he did say it was enough to enslave a couple of women." Convinced that Dan had gone com completely insane, Mattie's terror grew as her ex-husband rambled on about sex slaves and drugs. Keeping two fingers buried inside Mattie, Dan rubbed her already tender clitoris with his thumb while he used his other hand to measure a small amount of the powder into the glass that Mattie had been drinking from and then splash in half the coke left in the can. "Drink this, " Dan instructed after swirling the glass a couple of times to insure that the powder com completely dissolved, "in remembrance of me." Dan finished making fun of the religion he was raised in. Mattie took the glass from her ex-husband and raised it to her lips, the trembling of her hand the only outward sign of her inner conflict. Dan watched and, this time, noticed his ex-wife's body relax as it begin to respond to his manipulation of her cunt. "Whenever I ask you a question you must answer honestly." Dan instructed continuing his stimulation of her pussy. "Also, " Dan continued his instructions, "the more anger you feel the more sexually excited you will become, the more humiliated or embarrassed you feel the more sexually excited you will become, the more pain you feel the more sexually excited you will feel and, finally, the more hatred you feel the more sexually excited you will become." As Mattie's mind processed each of these instructions her sexual response to Dan's fingering of her cunt became more blatant until, moaning with her head thrown back, Mattie humped herself violently against Dan's fingers while she teetered on the edge of orgasm. "You will become more and more sexually excited, but no matter how excited you become you cannot cum until I tell you to." That, Dan thought as he pulled his fingers away from Mattie's hot wet cunt, and watched as Mattie continued to express her excitement by humping the thin air and begging with her eyes for the relief of an orgasm, should keep her on the brink of an orgasm for the rest of her life. Dan reached forward and put his extended forefinger on the gapping opening of his ex-wife's drooling cunt, then watched with sadistic pleasure as she repeatedly tried to impale herself on the teasing digit. Dan played with her, pulling the finger back just enough to frustrate her attempts at self impalement every time she would thrust her cunt forward. "How many men have you allowed to fuck you?" Dan asked continuing his heartless teasing. "Five." Mattie gasped between attempts to fuck herself on her ex-husband's finger. "Well, " Dan continued slamming two fingers com completely into her, "I'm going to have to punish you for each and every one of them." Mattie's hips jerked spasmodically desperately trying to bring on an orgasm by slamming her cunt onto his fingers and her engorged clitoris against his thumb. "Stop moving." Dan ordered, resulting in a com complete secession of her hip thrusts as her body began to tremble almost uncontrollably with sexual frustration. "And you're engaged now?" Dan asked beginning a very slow tortuous movement of his fingers in and out of her pussy while he rubbed his thumb over her clitoris with equally slow strokes. "Yes." Mattie panted. "Call him, " Dan ordered as he picked up his cordless phone and handed it to his ex-wife while continuing his slow sadistic fingering of her pussy, "and say exactly what I tell you to say." Once Mattie finished dialing the phone Dan held it so they could both hear her fiancee when he answered. "Hello Frank, " Dan prompted when the phone was answered. "Hello Frank, " Mattie parroted, but with a voice so drenched in unrequited sexuality that both Frank and Dan got hard just from the sound. "I've got some good news, " Mattie repeated this and every other phrase Dan fed her with the same sex dripping, cock hardening voice she had used on the 'hello'. "Dan and I are getting back together." "Yes I am serious." "He's finger fucking me right now while I'm talking to you." "That's right, nice and slow, the way that drives me insane with lust." "Cum now, " Dan whispered in her ear, "and let him hear you" "Oh my god, " Mattie screamed using the phrase both men new announced the start of her orgasm, "fuck me, fuck me hard, " followed by her, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." chant as she gyrated her hips moving her cunt on and off Dan's fingers. "Stop cuming, " Dan ordered softly a few seconds after pushing the disconnect button on the phone. Mattie's hip thrusts and her 'fuck me' chant stopped like it had been cut off with a light switch to be replaced almost immediately by body trembles caused by unsatisfied sexual excitement. "Put on your blouse and skirt, " Dan commanded, pulling his fingers from Mattie's sopping wet pussy and wiping them clean on her skirt before handing it to her, "you wont be needing underwear anymore." The intense sexuality, all of the please fuck me looks and body language, told Dan how angry and humiliated Mattie was feeling. "Come here." Dan directed after Mattie had gotten dressed. When Mattie stood in front of him, Dan pulled a pocketknife from his pocket then, after unfolding the blade with a practiced single hand move, cut all but the bottom button from her blouse. "That's better." Dan commented, admiring the way Mattie's breasts were exposed by his re-design of her blouse, while he folded the knife blade against his leg and returned the knife to his pocket. "Your car keys." Dan said extending his hand and waiting patiently while Mattie dug through her purse then placed the key ring in her ex-husband's hand. "Come on, " Dan commanded putting his arm around Mattie and, slipping his hand under her blouse, pinched and massaged her nipple as they left his apartment and walked to her car parked at the curb, "we have some business to take care of before we go to my new house, you know, the one you inherited from your parents." Mattie's nipples were swollen and the aureoles crinkled, she swayed her hips enticingly, trying to stimulate herself by rubbing her thighs together while she walked, her chest heaved with sexual excitement, her whole body advertised to the world that she was a woman wavering on the brink of an orgasm, one who desperately needed a good fuck. Dan opened the car door for his ex-wife and, in the process of helping her into the car lifted Mattie's skirt up to her waist exposing her overly excited crotch to the open-mouthed stares of the teenage boys hanging around the basketball court, and forcing Mattie to sit with her bare butt and crotch directly on the sun-warmed car seat. As Dan climbed into the driver's side of the car, Mattie squirmed in her seat with a combination of discomfort, caused by her tender skins contact with the hot seat cover, and an intense level of sexual excitement she had never felt before. "Such anger." Dan said softly as he inserted the keys and started the car. "Get the registration out of the glove compartment, " Dan pulled a pen from his pocket, then handed it to Mattie after she retrieved the car registration, "fill out the back, signing this car over to me." Mattie could barely control the violent body jerks spasming through her body as she filled out the form. "Pull your skirt up around your waist, " Dan instructed folding the registration form and putting it in his shirt pocket, "scoot your ass forward and spread your legs as far as you can." Mattie moaned in pitiful need when her wet cunt drug across the seat, as she pulled up her skirt spread her legs, and let her hands rest palm down on her inner thighs right at the crease where her thighs joined her crotch. She silently begged her ex-husband for relief by staring into his eyes while she rocked her hips moving her open cunt in small circles, not caring who might see her. Just as Dan pulled the car into traffic the ringing of a cell phone could be heard from Mattie's purse. "Hand it over." Dan waited patiently, driving with one hand and holding the other out to receive the phone while Mattie leaned over, taking advantage of her position to rub her cunt against the seat while she reached between her legs and dug around in her purse looking for the ringing phone. "Lean back and fuck yourself with both hands." Dan instructed his ex-wife as he took the phone from her. "Hello." Dan spoke into the phone, after flipping it open and holding it to his ear, while he watched Mattie pushing two fingers from her right hand into her wet gapping pussy while she frantically rubbed her clitoris with her left hand. "Hi Frank." "That's right, she agreed to be my sex slave for the rest of her life so I decided to take her back." "No you can't talk to her, she's busy finger fucking herself with both hands while I drive my new car." Mattie's fingers flew with increasing vigor as the feelings of anger and humiliation grew listening helplessly as her ex-husband lied to her fiancee. "What new car? The one Mattie just gave me to celebrate our reconciliation." "Oh really, you gave it to her yesterday as an engagement gift? Then she gave it to me today? What a shmuck you are." "Tell me Frank has this slut ever put on a sex show for you while you drove the car?" "I didn't think so, she only does it for men who really turn her on." "Want to hear her cum again?" "Cum." Dan ordered holding the phone next to Mattie's mouth, not waiting for an answer. "Oh god fuck me, " Mattie's familiar orgasm mantra started as she hunched over her hands and bounced up and down, making the car sway from side to side as she fucked herself violently with her fingers. "Isn't she a hoot?" Dan asked then, holding the phone against his body to muffle the sound, spoke to Mattie. "Continue fucking yourself but stop cuming." Once again Mattie's orgasm was cut off as if by a light switch while she continued the almost painful task of stimulating herself with no orgasm possible until her ex-husband decided it would once again be to his advantage to order it. "Well, I'd better let you go, Frank, we've got to pick up a few things before we head back home. Mattie has promised to let me fuck her virgin ass this evening to consecrate our reconciliation." Dan pushed the disconnect button on the phone then dialed another number. "Hey Bob." "Yea, we need you to do something for us right away." "We need to have the locks changed at 8214 Oak Drive" "That's right." "We're getting back together." "No, I mean it, I'm not joking." "I drugged her." "Yea." "Change the locks for me and I'll make her suck your cock and fuck you." "I told you, I drugged her and now she's my com complete sex slave." "You'll believe it when you look down and see your cock pumping in and out of her mouth." "O.K. we have to pick up a couple of things first, we'll meet you there." Dan flipped the phone closed and stuck it in his shirt pocket just as he turned into a parking lot. "Stop fucking yourself." Dan ordered as he pulled into the parking space facing the front door of the bank. Mattie's hands stopped moving but her fingers remained buried inside her. "Put your hands down at your sides." Dan leaned forward and examined Mattie's much-used genitalia. Her pussy lips, both outer and inner were swollen and raw looking. Her clitoris was swollen to three times its normal size and looked like it was probably painful to the touch. "I guess that's why they call it self-abuse." Dan chuckled as he pulled her skirt down to cover her crotch. "Do you still bank here?" "Yes." "Do you have any accounts anywhere else?" "No." "When I tell you to, you will go into the bank and close every account you have." Dan watched as Mattie responded to his instructions. Judging by the increased squirming in her seat, the hardness of her nipples, the heaving of her chest and the almost overwhelming odor of her overly excited cunt that was permeating the car Dan was sure that she understood exactly what he was going to make her do, but that she hated and despised him for it. "While you are in the bank you will act normal in every way. No matter how sexually excited you become you are to act cool and calm and not let any one know." Just for the hell of it Dan reached under Mattie's skirt and slipped a finger inside her while he talked. "If anyone asks you about me, or Frank, you will tell them that we are reconciling, that you still love me and that you were too hasty in getting the divorce." Dan enjoyed the feel of his finger moving slowly in and out of his ex-wife's cunt, and enjoyed knowing that no matter how much she hated it, or him, there was no way for her to stop it. "There is one more effect of this drug that you should know about before you go into the bank." Dan paused before continuing. "Whenever you are separated from me you will feel growing panic attacks. The longer you are out of my presence the more overwhelming the panic attacks will become. The only way to relieve the panic attacks is to come back into my presence again." "Now go, " Dan ordered removing his finger from inside her and wiping clean it on her blouse, "and take care of your bank business." Mattie straightened her skirt and blouse then, after opening the door, stepped from the car. "And Mattie, " Dan said just as she was about to close the car door, "if you have a joint account with Frank at this bank, close it too." Mattie closed the car door and walked into the bank. While waiting for his ex-wife to return Dan made a couple of calls on his new cell phone, checked the memory to see who his exwife deemed worthy to be stored there, and futsed around with the sound system in his new car. As would be expected, Dan had become convinced that something terrible had gone wrong when Mattie finally came out of the bank and practically ran to the car so she could be near her ex-husband. Dan watched in fascination as the panic attack transformed into raw sexuality while Mattie removed a stack of hundred dollar bills, the size of which surprised Dan, from her purse and held them out towards her ex-husband. "Pull your skirt up, scoot forward and spread your legs." Dan reminded Mattie as he took the money and stuffed it in his pocket. "Put your hands on your thighs just on each side of your crotch with your cunt framed between them." As soon as Mattie had assumed the position Dan demanded of her, he reached over and ran his hand over her still swollen and obviously tender pussy and clitoris while he started the car and backed out of the parking space. "From now on, " Dan continued as he slipped a finger into her, triggering an upward thrust of her hips as she tried to impale herself, "this will be your standard sitting position. You will sit like this every time you sit down unless I tell you otherwise." Dan finished his instructions as he pulled into traffic then into the left turn lane at the first intersection. "God your wet, " Dan commented as he pushed a second finger into her, "this car reeks of your cunt." Mattie's hips jerked spasmodically as she tried to rub her clitoris on Dan's invading hand. One block later Dan pulled his fingers out of Mattie and watched as she moaned in desperation and violently humped her cunt in thin air as he pulled into the parking lot and came to a stop facing the front door of a large chain pet store. "You will make no attempt to hide your sexual excitement while you're in this store." Dan instructed while he pulled her blouse open to expose her breasts. "You will buy a dog collar, one about an inch wide, that will fit your neck, " Mattie sat with her legs spread, her hands framing her raw overstimulated cunt that she continued to hump as it hung off the front of the seat while she listened to her instructions, "and you will buy a short leash, one just long enough to come down to the top of your pubic hair when it's attached to the collar around your neck. After paying for them you will put them both on, then you will start cuming as you walk out of the door, you will stop coming as soon as you sit in the car. Mattie was practically attacked by the three male clerks as soon as she stepped inside the pet store. They surrounded her and copped feels while she blatantly rubbed her breasts against them as she let them help her try on the different collars. Every few seconds Mattie would glance out the window to catch a view of Dan hoping it would help to stave off the growing panic attack. The panic grew slower than it had in the bank, but soon it sent her rushing to the cash register to pay for the collar and leash she had selected. Throwing more then enough money at the clerk, Mattie frantically yanked the tags off the collar then, barely able to control her trembling fingers, buckled it around her neck. After attaching the leash, Mattie dashed for the door only to be bent almost in half when the orgasm started as soon as she stepped outside. Almost paralyzed from the combined panic attack and orgasm Mattie stumbled to the car. Dan, always the gentleman had leaned over and pushed the door open for her. Pulling her skirt up around her waist Mattie almost fell into the car and did not show any sign of the panic subsiding until she had assumed 'the position' with her hands framing her exposed cunt. The three young male clerks, joined by a female clerk who was old enough to be their mother, watched the show from the window. "Climb on and ride my cock." Dan said, throwing caution to the wind and sliding the car seat back as far as it would go. Mattie, after unzipping Dan's trousers and pulling his already hard cock into view, threw her leg over and swallowed him with her cunt. Dan moaned loudly as he pulled her skirt up almost over her head and watched over her shoulder as the store employees cheered and applauded. Desperate to hit some spot inside her that would relieve her unbearable sexual tension, Mattie used her cunt in ways Dan had never felt before, moving her hips forward and backward and from side to side, seemingly simultaneously, as she grasped and massaged his hard cock with a cunt that was hotter and wetter than any Dan could remember. The older female clerk dropped to her knees and, after opening the jeans of the clerk next to her, pulled his cock out and sucked it into her mouth. While watching the show in the pet supply store window Dan sucked Mattie's closest nipple into his mouth and mauled both of her breasts with his hands. Dan sucked, and watched as the female clerk moved to her second young victim. Mattie fucked more and more desperately as each stroke added to her unbearable sexual excitement but brought her no closer to an orgasm. "Cum." Dan whispered when the female store clerk moved to the last of the male clerks, and thought that his cock was going to be ripped from his body as Mattie, leaning her head back and screaming 'Oh my god fuck me, fuck me hard', clamped down on his cock with her cunt and jerked her hips in a series of violent spasms. Dan held on for the ride then whispered 'stop cuming' after pumping another load deeply into her desperate cunt. In spite of being crazed with unfulfilled lust Mattie's orgasm stopped immediately even though she continued her frantic fucking until Dan ordered her back into her own seat where she sat in 'her' position feeling like she was going insane with Dan's cum once again dripping out of her. Dan, wondering how soon Mattie was going to have some kind of psychotic episode, tucked his cock back into his pants then, after starting the car pulled out of the parking lot and into the traffic. The drive to their next stop only took a couple of minutes, time that Mattie spent quietly crying from the physical pain caused by her hyper sexual stimulation. "Open your mouth and lift your tongue." Dan ordered, reaching for the vial of amber powder, after he parked the car. "This drug works even better sub-lingualy than it does mixed in a coke." Dan explained as he measured out a small pile of the powder and placed it under Mattie's tongue. "Close your mouth." He finished as he capped the vial and returned it to his pocket. "I never wanted the divorce." Dan stated as he reached over and stroked Mattie's hair tenderly while he waited for the drug to take effect. He was rewarded by a general relaxation of her muscles as the shakes and sobs subsided and a new wave of devotion to the man next to her swept away the tears and some of the heightened sexuality. "I'm going to follow you into this store, " Dan announced still stroking her hair, "because I want to watch what happens here." Some of the trembling returned and Mattie began shaking her head when Mattie looked up and saw that they were parked at 'Susie's Adult Toys'. "You are going to go into this store, " Dan pointed at the store in front of them just in case Mattie might have missed it "you will not hide your sexual excitement. You will pick out the male clerk you would least like to fuck and ask him to help you." Mattie's trembling and sexual excitement grew as she listened to Dan's orders. "While he is waiting on you, you will act like fucking him is the only thing in the world that you really want to do." Dan shifted his attention from Mattie's hair to her tits while he continued his instructions. "You will purchase three items. First a ball gag and get the biggest one you can get and still fit it into your mouth. Next you will find the whip, paddle or flogger that you are most scared of having used on you and buy it." Mattie, still setting in 'her' position with her hands on her thighs, framing her cunt, had begun moving her hips in slow sexual circles as the fear, anger, hate and humiliation grew. "Last, " Dan finished moving his hand from her breasts to her crotch, "you will buy a realistic looking strap-on dildo of at least eight inches in length. After you buy it you will ask the clerk to show you how to wear it and to help you make sure it fits right." Dan slipped a couple of fingers inside his ex-wife. "I just love owning a cunt that I can use and abuse in any way I want." Dan added before finishing his instructions. "Then you will have him help you take it off. If he tries to finger you while he is helping you with the dildo you will spread your legs and allow him to, but only for a count of thirty seconds then you will push his hand away and finish your business." By this time Mattie was once again moaning, breathing heavily and gyrating her hips to move her exposed cunt against Dan's invading fingers in a display of hyper sexuality, expressing her anger and humiliation in the only way allowed her. Dan pulled his fingers from Mattie's unwillingly available pussy and wiped them on her nipples. "Now go, " he said giving her crotch a final friendly pat much like he might have patted the head of a loyal pet dog, "and I'll be right behind you." Mattie quickly discovered that having Dan in the store with her kept the panic attacks at bay, but increased her sexual excitement tremendously since the source of her anger and humiliation, and the target of her hate watched every step of this latest degradation. Dan discovered it was much more exciting standing almost beside Mattie as she went through her humiliating exercise, than it was to watch it through a window. Dan watched, his cock getting almost painfully hard in spite of the fucking he had already done, as Mattie approached a disgusting little man who was wearing a nametag. Despite his looking like you could get a disease from him just being in the same state, Mattie practically fucked herself on his leg while he helped her pick out a ball gag and checking it's fit in her mouth. She got so excited she would have cum on him, if she had been allowed, when he held up a meanlooking heavy leather strap for her inspection. Dan's cock throbbed in anticipation of using it on Mattie's up-turned ass. Finally the strap-on dildo, Dan stood close by and watched as the man got down on his knees and, while Mattie held her skirt up around her waist, exposing her well-used cunt for all to see, pushed the appliance against her pussy then, after tightening the straps to hold it in place, took hold of the imitation cock sticking straight out from Mattie's crotch and stroked it up and down several times like he was jerking her off. Mattie moaned and thrust her hips back in response as each stroke caused the base of the plastic cock to rub her engorged, tender clitoris. The clerk did indeed take advantage of the opportunity and pushed one of his fingers inside Mattie as he unstrapped the dildo. Mattie, following Dan's instructions, spread her legs and began thrusting her hips, fucking herself on the disgusting little man's fingers. "Massage your breasts." Dan said softly standing next to her. Mattie pulled her blouse open and ran her hands over her hard-nippled breasts. Dan counted to thirty then whispered, "that's enough." "Stop." Mattie said softly and unconvincingly as she pushed the clerks hands away from her crotch and, letting her skirt drop into place, dug some money out of her purse then, throwing bills on the counter, scooped up her new toys and fled from the store. Dan pushed his way past the other customers and left the store behind Mattie. By the time Dan climbed into the car Mattie was already in 'her' position with her skirt pulled up around her waist, her butt scooted forward to the edge of the seat, her legs spread wide and her hands resting palm down on her inner thighs one on each side of her crotch. Not wanting to deal with a store full of overly excited men Dan wasted no time starting the car and leaving the parking lot. Mattie's body seemed to be in constant motion as her muscles trembled and twitched, her chest heaved, her aureoles remained crinkled with excitement, her nipples had been hard so long they were beginning to ache, her hips continued to hump moving her openly displayed cunt in unmistakable fucking motions and tears streamed down her cheeks. Dan drove the car in silence allowing the tensions and conflicts being displayed by Mattie's body to calm down and hopefully allow her to relax a bit before their first punishment session. "Hello." Dan said flipping the phone open and speaking into the mouthpiece when it rang. "Hey Debbie, " Dan turned to his passenger, "it's your sister." "He called you?" "What a dick." "That's right, we're getting back together." "I am serious." "I drugged her." "Really, I'm not kidding." "I've got a new drug that's turning her into my sex slave." "If you don't believe me then come over for dinner on Sunday and I'll give you some of it and you can be my sex slave also." "Oh really?" "Well, come on over on Sunday and we'll see." Dan closed the phone and put it back in his pocket. "Your sister tells me I don't have to give her a drug for her to be my sex slave." Dan turned and looked at his ex-wife. "Now, if you'd had that attitude we wouldn't have had that nasty little divorce episode." As they drove in silence Mattie's shaking and trembling slowly subsided and exhaustion began to overwhelm all of her other feelings. When they turned on to Oak Drive Dan caught sight of Bob's key smith van still parked in front of the house. Dan pushed the switch to lower the passenger side window as they pulled to a stop in the driveway and Bob jumped out of the van and walked over to the passenger side of their car where he placed both hands on the window frame and, leaning over, pushed his head inside the car. "Hey guys, " Bob yelled, "ouch!" he finished banging the back of his head on the top of the window when he jumped back after realizing that he was staring directly at Mattie's wet, open cunt. "Don't be shy, guy, " Dan joked reaching out to shake Bob's hand, "go ahead and give it a good feel." Bob reached cautiously back into the car and, starting with her breasts, ran his hands over Mattie's bare skin working his way down to her pussy, "remember I promised you a blowjob and a fuck." Dan finished as he watched his old friend from high school days pushing a finger into his old high school sweat heart's waiting cunt. "Sorry dude, " Bob replied watching in amazement as Mattie began humping her hips, fucking herself on his fingers, "I've got another emergency call I can't put off any longer." "Reach out the window and give Bob a nice rub to send him off on his rounds." Dan ordered. Mattie did as she was told. "Oh god, I'm sorry, " Bob said, "it's been a long time." He finished apologizing for and explaining the rapidly spreading wet spot on the front of his jeans. "Don't worry about it." Dan assured him as he got out of the car and, walking around to the passenger side, opened the door and pulled Mattie to her feet. "Just think of this, " Dan continued standing behind his exwife and rubbing his hands roughly up and down over her naked breasts, "as a fuck machine that's yours to use any time you want." Mattie ground her hips against Dan's hard cock, as he ran his hands down between her legs then back up to her breasts. "You don't even have to talk to her or ask her permission. Any time my cock's not inside her your welcome to stick yours in." Dan grinned at his old buddy. "I know you've always wanted to." "That's for sure." Bob answered as he handed the new house keys to his old buddy then, reluctantly, got back into his van and drove off, watching in his rear view mirror as Dan stripped Mattie naked in the front yard. Then, after reaching back into the car and getting the new adult toys, he, taking her leash, guided her into the house she had inherited from her parents. Once inside Dan wondered around, looking things over with Mattie in tow on the end of the leash. Dan noticed that Mattie had changed very little since her parents had died. This was especially obvious when they arrived in what Mattie still thought of as her parent's bedroom, where she had allowed nothing to be changed. Standing naked, and sexually excited, in her parent's bedroom with the man who had been her high school sweetheart, Mattie couldn't help but think of her senior year when Dan would arrive just as her parents were leaving for work and they would fuck on her parent's bed before heading off to school. "Put this on." Dan ordered, handing her the ball gag. As she slipped the ball into her mouth and tightened the straps she remembered the time her mother, having forgotten something, returned and almost caught them in the act. "Get on the bed on your hands and knees." Even though her fear about what was going to be done to her was pushing her into a state of hyper-sexuality far exceeding anything she had yet experienced, Mattie managed to climb onto the bed and assume the position he demanded. "You may talk, yell, scream, whatever you want as long as the gag is on." While Dan waited patiently for the tirade of muffled obscenities, that went on for several minutes, to die down he placed the leather strap on the bed where Mattie could see it then sat on the edge of the bed and gently ran his hand over his ex-wife's naked body. "Your mine now." He said softly as his hand roamed over her body. "Remember the time we almost got caught fucking right here on this bed?" Dan chuckled softly at the memory while he undressed freeing his hard cock to stand up proudly as he continued caressing his exwife. "Remember when your dad was working on that project in Hawaii for a year? We weren't fucking yet, " Dan continued his gentle touches as he reminisced, "but we were doing a lot of heavy petting. I would come over three or four times a week and have dinner with you, your sister and your mom. Your mom and sister would go to bed and we would make out in the front room until I had to go home. When I got home I'd jerk off fantasizing about fucking your mom." Mattie's body jerked as his revelation hit her like a sledgehammer. The feelings of humiliation kicked her already ferocious sexual excitement up another level and despite her anger she found herself begging through the gag for her ex-husband to fuck her and let her cum so she could get some relief. "Now it's time for the first of many sessions of punishment, " Dan announced as he picked up the leather strap and used it to caress her naked skin, "you are being punished for divorcing me, you're being punished for allowing other men to fuck you without my permission, you're being punished for being totally oblivious to my needs when we were married and, " Dan finished leaning close and speaking into Mattie's ear, "you are being punished mainly because the prospect of beating you and raping your virgin ass, " Dan grabbed the base of his hard cock, "turns my cock into an iron rod, and since I've already cum several times today it's going to be a nice long ass fucking." Dan rubbed his hard cock over Mattie's naked skin as he used the stiff leather strap to bounce her hanging breasts. "Please, " Mattie's garbled and barely audible voice could just be made out begging through the ball gag, "fuck me, " Mattie thrust her ass back in violent fucking motions, "fuck me and make it go away." "Yes, " Dan replied, pulling on Mattie's leash forcing her head and breasts down onto the bed leaving her ass sticking enticingly up in the air, "I'm going to fuck you long and hard but first I'm going to beat you with this strap until your ass is hot and bright red. Don't move." Dan reared back and brought the strap down on her waiting ass with all his weight behind it, then paused for a moment and listened while Mattie's garbled begging for a hard fucking turned into a wailing scream. Dan delivered the blows with a steady deliberate pace, pausing between each blow both to admire the pattern of scarlet welts crisscrossing her ass and to allow Mattie time to anticipate, with growing dread, the next blow. "You can start cuming when I enter your ass, " Dan informed Mattie as he put the strap down and, climbing onto the bed, positioned himself to slam his cock into the virgin ass hole in front of him, "and you will have the best orgasm you've ever had, " Dan continued placing the head of his incredibly hard cock against the puckered entrance of Mattie's only remaining virgin orifice, "your orgasm wont stop until I'm finished raping you." Dan leaned forward then, after grasping Mattie's hips with both hands, simultaneously thrust his hips forward and pulled Mattie's hips back towards himself with all of his strength plunging his cock entirely into her tight hole in one massive thrust. Dan was rewarded with a ball gag muffled scream from his ex-wife that combined the agonizing penetration of her first anal rape with the onset of her desperately needed soul wrenching orgasm. Once buried deeply in his ex-wife's ass hole, Dan held on to her hips and allowed the spasms and contractions of her orgasming body to milk his cock like an incredibly tight and expertly trained mouth. Dan lost track of time and had no idea how long he road Mattie's orgasming ass before his body jerked with its own orgasmic spasms and he emptied himself into her ass for the first, but far from last, time. "Stop cumig." Dan ordered as he pulled Mattie over onto her side and, still buried com completely inside her, spooned her body with his. "Now go to sleep." Dan continued to lie on the bed, his arm around his still gagged and bruised ex-wife's body until his softening cock slipped from her abused hole....continued Copyright (C) 2002 Norm DePloom. ALL Rights Reserved This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached. The author may be contacted at 'MyStores at normdeploom dot com' Find my stories here- Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams

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